Why Cadbim Centre is India’s No: 1 Engineering Finishing School?

Engineering finishing school

Established in 2015, CADBIM CENTRE is India’s No.1 Engineering Finishing School. We are located in Trivandrum and are the only training division of an MNC that successfully delivers International projects to India from 38 countries. Our students are placed in 200 plus MNCs from 40 countries. Students from 8 countries, 14 states, and all districts of Kerala are studying in CADBIM CENTRE. Renowned to provide a diverse training environment in the field of BIM, AUTOCAD REVIT and Navis works, CADBIM CENTRE focus on advanced training programs. CADBIM CENTRE’s main attraction is BIM. BIM software is undoubtedly a boon. What BIM brings is a complete metamorphosis by helping a construction project move from the design desks to physical reality. Building information modelling heavily cuts down the cross-referencing and approval time during the project’s construction phase. It leads to greater improvements in productivity and quality of work. BIM can also be used for model-based cost estimation or 5D BIM. There are tools available to automate the cost estimation process early in the planning stage, helping save both time and expenses. Architects can now calculate future expenses with much greater accuracy. These include anything from the costs of materials and prefabricated or modular elements to labour and shipping costs and beyond. What’s more, BIM software can help companies optimize their expenses by comparing the cost-effectiveness of different materials, suggesting the best timing to purchase materials at a low market price, and weighing the costs of prefabrication against those of building on-site. Other courses offered by CADBIM CENTRE include REVIT and AUTOCAD. AutoCAD and Revit are used to deliver projects in various sectors, including healthcare, retail, real estate, etc. Professionals must undergo training from an industry-recognised training centre for future upheavals. Pre-construction professionals can enrol with Autodesk-authorised training centres for Revit Architecture, Revit MEP or Revit Structure courses. This helps in a detailed understanding of the course.

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